A Complete Guide to Places Of Versailles Paris

The Palace of Versailles symbolizes influence and royal power. Till today, this place wows visitors. It is the most-visited places of attractions in the entire Paris. This Palace provides an incredible insight into the history of France that illuminates the ostentatious and lavish lives of the former monarchs that used to live here. The Palace was once known to be a hunting lodge until the French Revolution. However, Louis XIV turned place into a lavish country estate and reduced tache powerful grip of the entire French nobility.

Reach early

More than three million people come to this palace each year. Expect numerous queues and tour buses. These buses arrive early to get there before opening of the palace.

Reach late

If you can’t reach this place early, then you must get there when the crowds reduce and the tour groups leave. Don’t go during the weekends when this palace is heavily crowded. Admission to “The Gardens” is absolutely free during November to March months.

There are some restaurants in the palace

The restaurants near to the Palace are highly expensive. If you want to save money, then there are a few other places to eat. Find out some good restaurants that are far from the Palace. There you can expect food at a reasonable price.

Take the reverse order

It has been seen that people first visit the Palace, then the gardens and then Marie-Antoinette’s Estate. It is important to take the reverse order and avoid the biggest crowds. A guided tour will definitely help you take a deep dive in the palace.

Get a Museum Pass

By buying a security pass, you won’t skip the security line. It will provide you a priority access when you get inside it.

Download an audio guide

You can get free of cost audio guides at this palace. You can also download the free application. Getting a free audio guide will be a cost-effective way to acquire detailed information pertaining to the tour.  Anyone who is below eighteen years of age is eligible to get free of cost admission to this place. In addition to it, people with disabilities (with a person accompanying them) will qualify for free of cost admission. All it needs is to bring proper identification documents to qualify.

The Palace of Versailles Tickets

Due to increasing tour groups, the Palace of Versailles has become very crowded than it was used to be. More than nine million people every year visit the Palace of Versailles. This makes it the most popular places to visit in Barcelona. There are always ways to enjoy its history, opulence, and exquisiteness of the palace as well as its surrounding gardens. This place is gigantic and one is advised not to rush.

Ensure to visit secondary palaces as they are very beautiful and have got very fewer crowds! By buying the Palace of Versailles, you can easily skip the line tickets. They are very essential as the park becomes very time consuming for ticket lines with a waiting time of around forty minutes. http://www.tripindicator.com/palace-of-versailles-facts-gardens-fountains-maps-tickets.html provides all information related to buying tickets to visit the Palace of Versailles.

The Palace of Versailles Rules and Regulations

  1. Smoking is not allowed.
  2. Outside food is not permitted.
  3. Other than guide dogs, no other animal is allowed inside the premises.
  4. Flash photography is also not allowed.
  5. Phone calls can’t be answered inside the premises.
  6. Rucksacks are not permitted.

Conclusion You would be amazed by the captivating settings and the long verdant roads of the gardens on a sunny day. These beneficial tips will help in planning and getting the most out of the visit to the Palace of Versailles.

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