How To Avoid And Handle Copyright Infringement?

Writer, composer, poet, and photographer’s creativity are taken for granted by the society. Their work is always at a risk of getting infringed. Copyright laws have been designed to protect these honourable artists, who are underpaid workers. Have you ever taken the services of a plumber, lawyer, mechanics, doctor or an electrician for free? You pay them. Similarly, artists need to be compensated.

Tackle with the content theft

If content gets stolen, who will you turn for help? It is not as simple as calling the police, when your car or wallet gets stolen. Content robbery is different and there are several myths associated with it.

  • Pursuing someone for copyright infringement is NOT expensive
  • It may NOT need a lawyer
  • Defending copyright is NOT complicated
  • Everything published on the internet is FREE
  • Large organizations with money never think twice before violating copyrights

Understand copyright laws

Images, information, designs, photos and graphics are intellectual property, which gets protection under copyright laws. You can read a book posted on the internet freely, but downloading it to make money or make it your own is a big NO.

Track the source

Tracking the initial source of your stolen content is challenging because multiple links are associated with it. Multiple websites and blogs are anonymous, but check the following to discover the contact information –

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Credit page
  • Meta tags in source code web page
  • Footer notes
  • Email links
  • Author page

The next step will be to take action that is contact the infringer.

It is crucial to make them realize their mistake and you are aware about it. You can directly contact the thief.

  • Inform them
  • Request correction, removal, modification or/and compensation
  • Gather information
  • Open a dialogue
  • Create evidence

Confrontation needs to be done carefully and calmly. You may wish to hurt them because they stole your creativity without any care, but don’t. Even if they treat you badly, be a great person. Take help from the best IP legal firm at

Gather details and evidence

Response can be instant or may not come or be bad. Take action, while you wait for the response.

  • Compile search information and correspondence
  • Create paper trail for future needs. It helps to know what worked and what didn’t, during copyright infringement. It can be stored as ammunition in a folder.
  • Never try to seek revenge through abusing, spamming or publicizing the content infringer. This can backfire and lead to legal and criminal action taken against you. Your reputation gets marred by such unprofessional attacks.
  • Be prepared to prove your ownership of the stolen material. Show you are the copyright owner. You can send the original date information.
  • Your graphics and content get copyrighted on completion automatically but protection is limited, so register your original content for prevention.
  • Prepare yourself means know your enemy and get ready to confront content infringer.

You can even take professional help to write the Cease & Desist order from intellectual property lawyers. It is a legal document, which threats the infringer and involved website hosts. Request DMCA act from every search engines designed to protect copyright law but this is done only as the last resort.

Instead of experiencing all the above issues after copyright infringement, it is wise to register your copyright. Prevention is better!

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