Bring Comfort To Your Kitchen

After a working day, what can be more relaxing than sitting around the kitchen table together with your family? If you aren’t so lucky to feel this happiness every day, then at least during the weekend all the members of the family must serve the meals of the day together. Grown-ups, you certainly know it by now, remember those beautiful moments when mum is taking a cake out of the oven and the smell instantly spreads all over the house, or when she is preparing your favourite dish and everyone enjoys the atmosphere and praise the delicious food. Those are rare unique moments which contribute to improving our emotional state, make children feel loved and appreciated, make the family connections stronger and home fills with positive energy.

Step 1 – Paint your kitchen fresh

In order to bring such wonderful moments into your kitchen, one step is to decorate it in fresh colours. It matters what is your favourite colour, be it yellow, orange or lilac. Yellow is a warm colour and it generally inspires happiness, love, optimism, creativity and light from the sun. Orange is a hot vibrant colour which is recommended to get rid of tiredness, it brings optimism and joy and enhances sociability. Lilac signifies grace, elegance and it is known that lilac and lavender are special delicate flowers. Making your kitchen walls lilac is a good idea if you need more rest, a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Step 2 – Use essential oils for fresh air

Along with colour, nice refreshing smells are most welcome in every kitchen. Put orange peels on the shelves and let them like this for 2-3 hours. They will fill the room with fresh air.

Step 3 – Grow attractive flowers

Provided that you are one of those luckiest women and you have enough space available, then you will certainly wish to get some colourful flowers to enliven the general atmosphere. The green of the leaves and all the other colours will make up a special palette which perfectly fits into clean big windows. Not only they are very beautiful, but also they help clean the air because they transform the carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Step 4 – Decorate the kitchen with handmade objects

There are a lot of simple ideas which can make you feel better or remember something nice. It can be your son’s drawing, or a handmade box in which he put eggs painted on Easter when he was eight years old. Memories and objects that bring back memory are some of the prettiest ways to cheer a person and make him or her feel special.

Step 5 – Get some brass, bronze or copper

It would be nice to have some objects made up from metal in the kitchen because in FengShui tradition metals are said to bring wealth. Why not try to replace your old handles with some new brass made ones?

Step 6 – Natural light

The bigger the windows, the more light you’ll have. The benefits of fresh natural light are unquestionable as it fills our body with optimism, energy, humour and good disposition.

Smile and keep your kitchen clean and cosy, choose nice warm hues and bring the hot meal on the table. Feel blessed that you have the best family, the perfect children and a good husband. These are important as well.

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