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How to Get Your Home Market Ready

Selling your home is not always easy. If you know how to get it ready for the open market you can rid yourself of a lot of the stress that comes along with the decision to sell. First off, you have to know when the best time to sell your home is. According to a […]

How Cooling Preserves Data in a Server Farm

Heat is the enemy of electronics. Microprocessors and transistors generate quite a bit of heat, especially if they are operating at maximum capacity. If this heat isn’t managed, it can cause computational errors, data anomalies and hardware failures. This is why data center cooling is so important. Heat Damage IT professionals with any experience in […]

DIY: Spraypainting with a Purpose

How to Redo an 80s Brass Chandelier with Rose Szabo When Ira, the new marketing coordinator for my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore asked me if I wanted to write a DIY tutorial, I was deeply flattered but not sure what I’d write about. “Maybe just let me come by the store and see what […]