How to get more out of your small kitchen

In London, Sydney, New York and over sprawling urban settlements where space is tight, tiny kitchens are the norm. This can lead to people only using their kitchen space for heating ready meals and cracking open a beer. But, with the right attitude and a little inside knowhow, you can use your cozy kitchen space to dazzling effect, creating some incredible meals that wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant kitchen. Let us show you how…


  1. Get creative with storage

Storage is the number 1 issue for small kitchens, so to get around this obstacle, you have to get creative. This can range from simply purchasing some flatstacks or similar collapsible Tupperware that can be packed away neatly when not in use, to thinking a little more outstide the box and using your oven and microwave as storage space. The oven in particular can be the perfect place to strore baking trays or oven wrap – however, it’s important to remember to remove these before you go to bake something!


  1. Hook, Line and Sinker.

Hooks are a tiny kitchen owners best friend! You can get them incredibly cheap from outlets such as Amazon, and they can instantly declutter a place by allowing you to hang everything from tea towels to ladels.

You can also use a piece of string to create a line near the ceiling of your kitchen, which can then be the perfect place to dry your small washing items.

Use the kitchen sink too, this is invaluable space for storing dirty dishes when hosting a dinner party.

  1. Clean as you go

Number 3 cannot be emphasised enough, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. If cleaning as you go is not already a habit you’re into, you are about to have your life changed. Having a clean kitchen when you’ve finished eating not only helps lighten the post dinner load – but it can dramatically improve your mood in a period just before bed time, which in turn helps you start the following day right!

  1. Cabinets

Most kitchens have cabinets, so storing things in them is an obvious one. But do you make use of the top space on the cabinets? They usually get a little dusty so I would recommend giving them a good clean first, and then you have an extra shelf for pots and pans (if you’re short like me you simply need to use a stool to get them down).

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