What You Need To Do To Resolve Issues Related To Uneven Baking In Oven

Oven has become fundamental necessity to cook and bake varieties of calorie less food in less time. Uneven baking is one of the main issues that can arise with the continuous use of the device. There are simple ways to resolve the issue on your own.

Oven is getting very hot

Improper levelling

This is the basic problem that people face in old ovens. The tendency of an oven to get hotter can be due to improper functioning of the heating element. If you find that your food is unevenly baked, then it could be due to the incorrect standing level of the appliance.

To diagnose this problem, all you need to do is to place the leveller above the appliance and then check all the sides of the oven to determine which side of the oven is the lowest. A quick adjustment of all the legs of the appliance can definitely solve the problem.

Poor circulation

If the problem is not getting solved due to levelling, then poor circulation can be another cause for it. To avoid this problem, it is advised not to crowd the different racks of the oven with pans. Leave the right space between the pans used for baking while you are cooking food in it.

This will enable your device to heat uniformly. Another tip is to cover the bottom or the rack of the oven with an aluminium foil. This will eases and quickens the process of cleaning it up. Also, it will improve the air circulation and give good baking results.

The colour of the cooking surface of the pan

The finishing used on a pan used in the oven impacts the overall time taken to cook the food. A pan that has darker surface would absorb more heat and results in darker browning. Whereas a pan that has a shining surface would reflect more heat and gives you lighter browning. As darker surfaces of the pan or glass pans result in quick heating, it is advised to reduce the baking temperature.

If after applying these measures, your device is still giving you uneven baking then you should definitely contact a good repair technician. If after applying these measures your devise is still giving you uneven baking, click here to get more thorough instructions on diy oven repair; and if that doesn’t work definitely contact a professional.

Improper cleaning

An aluminium foil on the base of the oven that you have placed to catch drips can be the root cause of the problem. Though keeping the place clean is very much required but should be avoided at the cost of the airflow of the oven. Also, don’t cram your device with so many pans as an overcrowded oven would not lead to proper heating.


If you have an oven at your home which you have been using since a couple of years, then you need to be prepared in dealing with the problems associated with it. Learning some simple ways to resolve the issue will avoid the need of calling a repair technician.

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